Emily Brown and Father Christmas


‘Emily Brown and Father Christmas‘ meet up several times over Christmas Eve. Though Emily Brown and Stanley have hung up their stockings and are settled down for a good night’s sleep after reading each other a bedtime story, they have very little peace. If it’s not Father Christmas’s ‘very latest climbing equipment’, there are his ‘turbo- whatsits and ‘jet- thingummys‘ sleigh!

Emily Brown offers wise advice while coming to his rescue repeatedly. ‘Sometimes the old ways are the best ways,‘ considers Emily Brown. However, Father Christmas persists, while Emily Brown and Stanley’s Christmas Eve is peppered by rescues.

When it gets to the point that Father Christmas has ‘only got to the end of the street’ and he has to deliver presents to ‘every child in the entire world before tomorrow morning’ then it’s all rather more urgent. What can be done? What are Emily Brown’s ‘firm words’?

Bookwagon is delighted to welcome this Christmas title of a beloved series. ‘Emily Brown and Father Christmas‘ (and Stanley) offer cheer, initiative and lots of sound Christmas advice in a truly warm, engaging, funny picture book. Neal Layton’s gorgeous pictures are the icing on the Christmas cake!

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Emily Brown and Father Christmas

Cressida Cowell and Neal Layton

(Hodder Children’s Books)

Emily Brown and Father Christmas’ first meet  on Christmas Eve after Emily Brown and Stanley have hung up their stockings and are reading each other a story. There’s a ‘Ho-Ho-Help! from outside the window’ Emily Brown employs her ’emergency rescue machine’ to suck Father Christmas in through the window. Thereafter she suggests that he sticks to the ‘old ways’ rather than employing ‘the very latest climbing equipment in his work. Will Father Christmas listen to Emily Brown’s good advice?
It seems not, for Father Christmas is in need of Emily Brown and Stanley’s attentions later that night, when his ‘most up-to-date sleigh you can get‘ breaks down. After that, Father Christmas’s ‘iPhones and why-phones and flashing screens’ disable his navigation systems. Will Father Chrismtmas ‘deliver all these presents to every child in the whole entire world’? What a dilemma! Who might possibly help?
If anyone can help, it’s Emily Brown (and Stanley). Rather like Sophie Johnson Unicorn Expert, our heroine always has exactly the right answer! Even for Father Christmas! Neal Layton’s warm, expressive, bright pictures heighten this delightful story. Welcome to Bookwagon ‘Emily Brown and Father Christmas’ (and Stanley!)


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