Emily Lime Librarian Detective: The Pencil Case


George and Daphne are most suspicious of Miss Woolley, the new Headmistress of St Rita’s School for Spirited Girls. Not only does she come from Wolfridge Manor, with a reputation for extreme strictness, but she seems to have initiated interesting staff changes. They determine to learn more, especially as the library, and thereafter librarians, are under threat!

However, learning more includes a visit with the school to the Pilkington Art Gallery. The gallery attendants are on tenterhooks for good reason. It’s not long before disaster strikes. Thereafter, there’s a new case for Daphne and George, and possibly Emily Lime to solve (if the last can get her head out of a book.) Who stole a seemingly valueless painting of a canary? Daphne and George are determined that it cannot be Mr Thanet, the school’s handyman, yet all fingers point in his direction!

Can our librarian detectives crack the case? Who is framing Mr Thanet, by way of George? Who let the cows from the farm next- door into the playing fields? Is there any other reader than Emily Lime who reads the acknowledgements of non-fiction books? What is the black gunge in George’s pockets? Bookwagon delights in the work of Dave Shelton. We are so pleased to welcome Emily Lime Librarian Detective: The Pencil Case to our online store!


Emily Lime Librarian Detective: The Pencil Case

Dave Shelton

(David Fickling Books)- hardback

We welcome a return visit to St Rita’s School for Spirited Girls in Emily Lime Librarian Detective: The Pencil Case. However it seems that George and Daphne are rather trepidatious. Not only is Emily Lime a difficult assistant librarian, but the other girls and staff are a mass of trouble. Thereafter, it seems there are changes afoot, including a new Headteacher, fresh from the extremely strict Wolfridge Manor. What interest has she in working at St Rita’s? Doesn’t she know the school’s reputation? Furthermore, just what will new leadership mean for the school? Surely the library isn’t under threat?
It seems the local art gallery is aware of the likelihood of disaster when St Rita’s is involved. Therefore it seems to be well prepared for a visit led by Miss Deakins. However, who would have guessed there’d be a fire and thereafter the theft of a seemingly valueless painting? While all fingers point at George and thereafter Mr Thanet, who took the painting? For what purpose? Furthermore, what use is Emily Lime to any form of detective work when she cannot get her head out of a book?
We love Emily Lime Librarian Detective: The Book Case. Once more it seems award-winning writer and illustrator Dave Shelton has created a laugh-out-loud, Ealing Comedy series book that delights and amuses. Once again in this title, I was left in convulsions. I shall never look at cows in a field in quite the same way. Then again, I can still ‘smell’ the contents of George’s pockets…


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