Emmett and Caleb


Emmett and Caleb‘ are friends and neighbours, despite their differences. We join them on a journey through the seasons. While Emmett champs for the day to start, Caleb watches the orbit of the international space station deep into the night. Emmett lets Caleb win at cards or dominoes, while Caleb directs his friend’s attention to the changes in their landscape.

They dine together, explore together, read and wonder. Sometimes they have differences in understanding. Emmett and Caleb work hard at their friendship for it is valuable to each of them. This is a beautiful, perfectly tuned story, with tempting text and open-ended, wide-eyed illustrations. While ‘Emmett and Caleb’ is the perfect ‘forever’ or gift book for a newer reader, it is one that any reader, of any age, will love and treasure.


Emmett and Caleb

Karen Hottois & Delphine Renon

(Book Island)- hardback

‘Emmett and Caleb‘ are friends. They are different. Caleb gazes at the moon in the night, while Emmett rises early. Caleb contemplates life, the universe and his love for his friend. Emmett sweeps up, makes Caleb’s breakfast and mourns the changing seasons. ‘Emmett and Caleb‘ is a beautiful, tender, ‘forever’ story of loyalty, difference and discovery. Bookwagon loves this story.


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