Inspired by true events, Jason Wallace’s ‘Encounters‘ explores the personal stories of a group of Zimbabwean children claiming to have encountered extra-terrestrials.  American psychiatrists travel to interview the children and investigate the veracity of their claims.  From this starting point, themes of race, gender and inequality are developed as the anxieties and issues faced by the young people are teased out in an absorbing tale.  Their stories are hard-hitting and cover contemporary themes, which make ‘Encounters‘ a compelling young adult novel.



Jason Wallace


From the author of the Costa Children’s Book Award-winning Out of Shadows comes ‘Encounters‘, an engrossing novel for young adults. It tells the stories of a group of Zimbabwean children who claim to have seen aliens descend from a space ship. The ‘UFO’ sighting is the starting point for an exploration of the lives of the children and reflects their anxieties and the tough realities of life.  ‘Encounters‘ is suitable for young adults, 13 years .


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