Encyclopedia of Grannies


Can you find your Granny in the ‘Encyclopedia of Grannies’? Maybe she is inside a pumpkin. Possibly, she’s a granny from the salt flats. What do you call her? Can you tempt her with a cream bun?

I bet you can tempt Granny with a postcard, or even with a bus ride. She’s certain to tempt you with spinach…

Eric Veille’s ‘Encyclopedia of Grannies‘ has a basis of recognition, from which spring (big leap with shower curtain) wildly creative granny interpretations. His Matt Groening-like illustrations, and limited colour palette highlight the ridiculousness, imagination and enjoyment.

Encyclopedia of Grannies’ is a memorable, original, ‘forever’ book, recommended to grandchildren, parents and… grannies!


Encyclopedia of Grannies

Eric Veillé

Translated by Daniel Hahn

(Gecko Press)- hardback

Can you find your granny? Maybe she’s a knitter. Perhaps she’s following you with spinach. It’s likely she’s ‘going away’ somewhere. Maybe to the South Seas? Can your granny ‘double tuck’? It’s certain that she’s a hugger who loves your postcards. Browse a full breadth and depth of granny choices in ‘Encyclopedia of Grannies’. 


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