Encyclopedia of Insects


Dive into the amazing world of insects in this brilliant encyclopedia.  Every example chosen from an almost infinitesimal range is looked at in fascinating detail by natural history expert Jules Howard, with shimmering illustrations by Miranda Zimmerman. From the cutest and most beautiful butterfly, to the deadliest and the most disgusting, every example featured highlights the importance of the insect world.

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Encyclopedia of Insects

Jules Howard, illustrated by Miranda Zimmerman

(Wide Eyed) – hardback

The Encyclopedia of Insects rejoices in the wonder of the insect world to quite brilliant effect.  There are trillions of insects for every human on the planet.  Over 90% of all life forms on earth are insects.  The quite staggering scale of the insect world makes for a daunting task for compilers of an encyclopedia.  To this end, Jules Howard and her illustrator Miranda Zimmerman achieve this near-impossible task magnificently.
For example, the descriptions are clear and tinged with wry humour, while illustrations are beautiful and shimmer with colour.  Moreover, the featured insects range from the commonplace, such as the ubiquitous housefly, through to the exotic and bizarre Kikiki Fairy Wasp.
Bookwagon are proud to add this wonderful book to its shelves.  Similar guides to the world of nature in our bookshop include A  First Book of Nature.


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