Endlessly Ever After


It seems you’ve a cake to take to Grandma’s ‘to cheer her up‘. However, you’re to mind ‘the path! For danger tends to lurk along the way’. Thus, we’re introduced to a brand new fairy tale adventure, wherein we start the day as Rosie (aka Little Red Riding Hood). However, we’re invited to steer her path beginning with our choice of coat.

Might it be a familiar red coat, or could it be a (faux) fur? Then again, what if you’ve an opportunity to turn off the path to either pick flowers for Grandma, or search for the source of a drum beat? Might it be that one path could lead you to dwarves gathering about Snow White? What’s more, she seems to be lying dead? Surely the cake intended for Grandma could not revive her, or could it? Then again, what of a boy complaining about a stolen goose? Or even a sleeping princess, or a deliciously tempting house of sweets? Where will you choose to turn?

Bookwagon loves the countless twists and turns and opportunities that Laurel Snyder offers in her crafty, rhyming text. Then again, Dan Santat’s pictures are rich with detail, description and dense colour and impact.

We recommend Endlessly Ever After to our readers, for those who wish to share the adventure at home or school, or those who’re inspired to create their own paths, too! What a splendid, satisfying book!

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Endlessly Ever After

Pick Your Path to Countless Fairy Tale Endings

Laurel Snyder and Dan Santat

(Chronicle Kids)- hardback

‘Your mama shakes you out of bed. She says, ‘My darling dear,/ you need to run to Grandma’s, quick! She’s feeling ill, I fear’. Thereafter you choose your first path. Might it be to ‘slip on your cosiest (faux) fur coat,’ or ‘to grab your favourite red cape‘. It seems that one treads a familiar path, albeit with deviations for flower picking that might lead to a sweet, sticky end. However, might there be a blue door to discover, that suggests new neighbours? Then again, could it be that the ‘girl inside a fur coat’ is mistaken for a wolf by a little pig set on revenge?
Laurel Snyder offers a rhyming text that compels us to continue. It seems that we’re guessing at best options, alongside being delighted by the fairy tale characters whom we encounter. Somehow, rather like Into the Woods, we’re led to imagine this setting as one whole land of coincidence and character neighbours. Then again, Dan Santat, of The Aquanaut illustrates this superb title with such melodrama and discovery. It seems that arriving at each option is a revelation….
Therefore, which coat will you have Little Red Riding Hood choose? Then again, might you kiss the lips of the sleeping princess you discover behind the wall of thorns? Furthermore, might you rescue her, to alight on a trapped Hansel and Gretel?
Bookwagon loves this clever, fulfilling beautiful picture book. It is such a clever development from traditional tales to delight and fascinate. Endlessly Ever After is recommended for reading at home, in school and thereafter as a really fresh, enduring gift, too.



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