Endling- Book Three: The Only


Can Byx step up to the plate? Khara, once her captor, disguised within a band of poachers, is now Byx’s leader. She has assumed her role as the Lady of Nedarra. What’s more she inspires Byx to tell the Queen of the natites that for Khara, she would ‘give [her] life in an instant‘. Yet it is a motley crew; Byx, a dairnie, Tobble the wobbyk and Renzo, the thief, who prevail upon Queen Pavionne. What’s more there are other tribes and species with whom they must negotiate. Then again, these various groups live in a wide range of habitats and settings, often difficult to negotiate, and dangerous to approach. Finally… time is running out.

While Khara determines an Army of Peace is the only way forward, it seems that Dreyland and Nedarra are committed to bloodshed at whatever cost. What’s more, they let nothing get in their way. It means that everywhere Byx and her friends turn, they find devastation, death and defeat. How can they stir an army and then an army for peace?

However, Byx is reliant on this outcome for she is one of only few dairnies. We have travelled on her tender paws since Endling: The Last.  It means we feel her pain and realise the commitment and thereafter, the bond between her, Tobble the wobbyk, Khara, Gamble the felivet and Renzo.

Bookwagon loves this series of an allegorical environment and future. There is such empathy, warmth and truth within this storytelling. We welcome the final book of the trilogy warmly, Endling- Book Three: The Only. 

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Endling- Book Three: The Only

Book Three

Katherine Applegate

(Andersen Press)

It seems for Byx, in Endling- Book Three: The Only, that her world, place and family are with Khara and Tobble, the wobbyk. Since we left Byx and her friends in Endling: Book Two: The First, Khara has assumed her true role. It means she is the true Lady of Navarra. What’s more, she is commandeering an Army of Peace. Yet what hope does an army of mismatched creatures have against the scheming might of the Murtardo’s troops to ‘stop the war between Dreyland and Nedarra’. What’s more, to build a force that can overcome betrayal and ruthlessness seems futile. It will require great diplomacy and plotting. Is Byx up to a new role, as Khara’s Ambassador Byx?
Then again, what of the inhabitants of lands with whom she will have to negotiate, such as the natites? There are tribal suspicions and feuds that go into history. To build peace requires trust.
We are seeing Byx as a mature dairnie now. However, her grief at the loss of her family is constant. Therefore when there’s a chance to return to her home, it is with huge sadness. Thereafter, Tobble, Byx’s loyal wobbyk companion, introduces her to his clan. Again, we see bridges built between different species, and consider the message intended by Katherine Applegate.
Bookwagon loves this trilogy and welcomes the third, final book, Endling- Book Three: The Only, warmly. We recommend this series to all compassionate, mature  and environmentally conscious readers.


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