An ‘Endling‘ is the last surviving one of its kind. Dairnes live with this truth. As the youngest, the weakest, the most curious, Byx carries this understanding heavily. He does not expect to survive as long as his older, fitter family members.  Curiosity on a day his family move to a safer place, leads to Byx’s daring sea rescue of Tobble, a wobbyk.  Meanwhile, his family is discovered… Byx is the ‘Endling’.

Byx and Tobble seek safety and answers. As their band grows to include Khara, heir to the Donati tribe, and Gambler, a felivet of honour, so does their resolve and their understanding. Why are dairnes sought after? Why is there a demand for their extinction? Are they the only species at risk?

The band’s exploration leads them to encounter disappointment, lies and betrayal.

‘Endling’ is one of the best books I have read. Bookwagon implores readers to choose Katherine Applegate’s latest work of wonder. We have been waiting for this, like Byx awaits signs of another dairne. It has been worth this wait.




Book One The Last

Katherine Applegate

(Andersen Press)

‘Endling’:-  the last surviving one of your kind. What a badge, to be the ‘last surviving one to live’. Yet he is the smallest, the youngest, the laughable, enquiring, last of the litter.  What will he do? Is there nobody to call family? Are rumours about other dairnes somewhere in the mystical north, true?


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