England Poems from a School


‘England Poems from a School’ is a collation of poems from Oxford Spires Academy. Kate Clanchy, poet, is poet in residence at this school. Despite its huge ethnic and cultural mix, with few children born in England, and more than thirty languages with fifty dialects spoken, the school has a poetry foundation. Students at Oxford Spires have won more national poetry competitions than any other school in the United Kingdom

It is difficult to describe the quality of poetry in this collection. Poets between the ages of 11 and 18 share their origins, their notion of home, their families, sorrow, hopes and dreams.

I Have Divided My Heart

and half of it still lives in Syria./ When the sun shines in Syria/ the warmth flowers in my cheek.//And when the sun sets there/ my heart remembers shadows/ and the closing of flowers.’- Muhammed Assaf (12)

‘England Poems from a School’ is a dedicated read. The students speak of England as a refuge, a home, a hope and a challenge. Their poetry is exceptional. We urge you to read this ‘forever’ book.

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England Poems from a School

Edited by Kate Clanchy


Do you want to be moved and awed? Touched by the power of poetry? Writer Kate Clanchy has been Writer in Residence at Oxford Spires Academy for eight years. This diverse school has built an enviable reputation for its poetry writing. ‘England Poems from a School’ is a magnificent, heartbreaking, authentic, word rich collection of the school’s works. Bookwagon urges you to read, love and know. This is a ‘forever’ collection.

Nominated for the 2019 CLiPPA award


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