Enid Blyton New Class at Malory Towers


Enid Blyton New Class at Malory Towers’ welcomes three new recruits and a new dilemma to the fold of the classic stories. Acclaimed writers Patrice Lawrence, Lucy Mangan, Narinder Dhami and Rebecca Westcott turn to the famous boarding school to create four new stories. All the gang are there, from Darrell Rivers, to Alicia, Betty, Sally, Gwendoline Mary, Jean, Isabel, Mary Lou, Mavis and Belinda.

How will they take to secretive new girl Marietta with the hair to out rival Gwendoline’s? How could she be a natural lacrosse player? Everyone knows that lacrosse is Darrell’s game! Will Alicia and Betty be rumbled as the troublemakers in the library? What is their problem with reading? How long will Gwendoline Mary be convinced that new girl Sunita is a princess? Gwen’s rather suspicious given Sunita’s keen interest in science. Then there’s the fourth form showcase. Darrell and Sally haven’t arrived at any theme as yet and time’s ticking down…. Against all this Gwendoline’s cousin Maggie has joined Malory Towers. While she’s not happy about it, Gwen’s distinctly furious! What is their problem?

The four new writers convince us of the setting, plot and characters in each of their stories. They race along at pace. We are concerned by Marietta’s plight. Won’t any of the girls reach out to her? Darrell, surely? Alicia is a mischief-maker, as ever, while Gwendoline Mary’s superiority is difficult to take.

I have loved revisiting Malory Towers anew, especially with a new group of characters and fresh dilemma over which to stew. We love this relevant, refreshing, considered return to a favourite setting, ‘Enid Blyton New Class at Malory Towers’.


Enid Blyton New Class at Malory Towers

Four brand new stories by Patrice Lawrence, Lucy Mangan, Narinder Dhami and Rebecca Westcott

(Hodder Children’s Books)

Four leading writers have created four new stories for ‘Enid Blyton New Class at Malory Towers‘. Furthermore, these are characters who fit right in- well, maybe after a few hiccups! Why is Marietta so secretive? What is Alicia’s problem with Darrell’s new library habit? Is Sunita really a princess? Gwendoline is determined that this is the case! Finally, what can Darrell and Sally suggest for the fourth-form showcase?
Patrice Lawrence, Lucy Mangan, Narrender Dhabi and Rebecca Westcott capture the setting and characters easily. Their new arrivals and plot lines fit in perfectly! What a great selection for a summer holiday read!


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