Enzo, the Swallows and Me


Although Enzo and Jack share many things from their ‘annoying big sisters‘ to their love of drones, football and pizza, it’s birdwatching that draws them together. While Enzo’s Dad has moved the family to Jack’s neighbourhood, his interests extend beyond his work. Thereafter, the nesting box and webcam he installs, builds Jack and Enzo’s interest in the local garden birds. However, it’s the countdown to the arrival of the swallows that inspires the friends.

When Jack spies the birds arrival, the friends name the first pair, Fred Arrow and Rocket. Thereafter, across the summer, they watch the swallows swooping and soaring and sitting on the telephone wires. However, all too soon, despite the boys’ understanding of the fact, they’re saddened by the end of the swallow season, and the signs of the birds’ departure.

Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones leaving. It seems Enzo’s Dad’s work is finished, and the family will be leaving. Jack is devastated. He and Enzo and firm friends. Despite Enzo’s Dad’s reassurances that ‘You two will always be true friends, no matter how far apart you are‘, Jack misses Enzo every day. Yet might there be some way, some shared interest that connects them, despite the distance and separation of time?

Bookwagon loves the glorious pictures, that span swallow high, across neighbourhoods into nesting boxes and imbue the excitement and the warmth of friendship. Then again, Helen Mortimer’s story is absolutely perfect, accessible, relatable and wonderful. Bookwagon suggests that Enzo, the Swallows and Me is essential reading.

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Enzo, the Swallows and Me

Helen Mortimer and Katie Cottle

(Owlet Press)

Enzo’s arrives from South Africa. It seems that he and Jack have a lot in common from ‘football… drones… pizza- and- annoying big sisters’! However, it’s Enzo’s Dad’s birdwatching that draws the boys together. It means that they see ‘all kinds of garden birds’ although Enzo’s Dad is waiting for the first swallow… It leads to the boys being on ‘swallow alert’. 
Therefore, when there is a first sighting, theres much excitement. In fact, it leads to the boys naming the swallow pairing they see Ruby and Fred Arrow. Thereafter, they watch the birds swooping over the rooftops and stopping with swallow company on the ‘telephone wires‘. Although the boys know the swallow season will end with the birds’ migration, they are still sad to see them leave. However, there is bigger news. It seems Enzo’s Dad’s job has come to an end…
Although Enzo’s Dad reassures them’ You two will always be true friends, no matter how far apart you are’, Jack misses Enzo every day. However, might there be something that will maintain the connection? Something that unites them always?
Bookwagon adores Enzo, the Swallows and Me. Like Omar, the Bees and Me by this same duo, this book is complete, empathetic, inspiring and altogether accessible. From the story telling of Helen Mortimer, to Katie Cottle‘s seasonally inspired pictures, this is a picture book to love and know. Bookwagon urges readers to choose Enzo, the Swallows and Me.


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