Epic Tales of Triumph and Adventure


Did you know that Matthew Webb, the first to swim the Channel, was already a national hero? Were you aware of Jan Morris? She was  a Welsh journalist, part of the 1953 Everest expedition, one of the first to transition, who made a 6,700 metre ‘dash from Base Camp to reach a radio transmitter and deliver the momentous news‘? Possibly you’ve heard of conservationist and explorer Mike Horn reputed to have visited ‘more of the Earth’s surface than any other human being alive‘?

‘Epic Tales of Triumph and Adventure‘ reveals the stories and achievements of sixty-six trailblazing adventurers. The selection ranges from Hannibal to pirate Ching Shih, from the long ago to contemporary. The accounts are riveting, varied and laden with interest and inspiration.

This is a mighty selection that Bookwagon is proud to recommend to gift seekers, keen non-fiction readers, school librarians and researchers.

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Epic Tales of Triumph and Adventure

Discover the Stories of 66 Extraordinary Men and Women

Simon Cheshire and Fatti Burke

(Bloomsbury)– hardback

‘Epic Tales of Triumph and Adventure‘ offers fascinating accounts of sixty-six intrepid, trailblazing adventurers. There are new discoveries within this selection, although others, like  Amelia Earheart or Anne Bonney, are household names. For example, did you know about Henry ‘Box’ Brown who packaged himself up to escape slavery? Moreover, Annie Kopchosky, who took on the challenge of cycling around the world before there were roads, let alone cycle paths! There’s a biography of Mary Kingsley, one of my favourite explorers. However, I delight in the unknown, alongside the reminders of deed-doers of past and contemporary times.
Bookwagon has been cautious in our selection of historical biographies, seeking those that are well researched, informative and meaningful. Therefore like Rise Up: Ordinary Kids with Extraordinary Stories and How to Be Extraordinary, ‘Epic Tales of Triumph and Adventure‘ seeks to engage and inspire, while expanding our possibilities and understanding. To pour acid on your hand to create a diversion, like Henry ‘Box’ Brown? To fly without a compass, instruments, an injury and poor visibility, like Louis Blériot? Thereafter to succeed?
Epic Tales of Triumph and Adventure‘ is a memorable, wonderful book, ideal as a gift, reference title, or proud non-fiction read.


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