Erik The Lone Wolf


Everyone knows that wolves live in packs. Erik must follow the pack’s rules. He must hold his sister’s paw, take care on the mountain slopes and avoid heights. However, this is ‘Erik The Lone Wolf’. He wants adventure, opportunity and separation from the pack.

Erik climbs and wobbles and skis more than he’s ever done before! What exhilaration! Is it everything that Erik had hoped! What about being alone when things go awry?

Sarah Finan’s début picture book is warm, gritty and funny. I love the snow splotched painterly illustrations, and the play on repetition. I appreciate the way that the picture book maker suggests Erik’s character through picture movement. There is a rich variety of messages within the story, also. ‘Erik The Lone Wolf‘ is a very thoughtful and satisfying picture book.

Nominated for the Klaus Flugge Picture Book Award. 


Erik The Lone Wolf

Sarah Finan

(Lincoln Children’s Books)

What happens when you are ‘Erik The Lone Wolf’ but live in a wolf pack? The wolf pack does everything together. Erik longs for solitude, adventure and separateness. Will his dream of being alone be all that he thinks it will? ‘Erik The Lone Wolf’ is a strong, thoughtful and beautiful début picture book.


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