Esme’s Rock


Esme is a cave girl, living with her family thousands of years ago.  She loves being the centre of attention, but most of all she likes helping her friends.  Morris the mammoth has a birthday coming up and Esme is determined there should be a big, special celebration.  But has she bitten off more than she can chew with her big plans?

She sets out to decorate a huge rock as the backdrop for Morris’s birthday venue.  But the rock is too big and she is running out of time to get everything ready.  Fortunately, Esme has one special talent for which she is famed throughout the community.  Esme has a VERY VERY loud voice and she decides to use it to restore her plan.  Will she be able to bring the community together for one big last push to celebrate Morris’s birthday?

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Esme’s Rock

Simon Philip, illustrated by Magda Brol

(Oxford University Press)

Esme is a little girl who lives in a cave (in the Stone Age!).  Furthermore, she has a very loud voice, which can be extremely useful.  It’s great for keeping big things with sharp teeth away, but it’s not so great for keeping secrets.  Because Esme has big plans for Morris the mammoth’s birthday surprise, she starts early. She sets out preparing for the big party, but progress is slow and she keeps being interrupted.
So the birthday surprise is in danger of not being finished on time.  Esme therefore decides that the only solution is to use her giant booming voice, so she can bring people together. Esme has to make sure the job is done.  Can her big voice save the day and ensure that the party goes with a real swing?
This is a jolly and funny read with lovely characters that are full of spirit and determination.  It is full of wry humour, poking fun at history and the modern world.
Simon Philip’s books are very popular with Bookwagon readers.  Why not try Be More Bernard and I Really Want to Shout!
Find out more about Simon Philip and his books at his web site


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