Ettie and the Midnight Pool


Ettie’s lived happily in blissful isolation with her Grandma since her mother left. It’s been hen keeping, jam making, seasonal joys and stories. Everything has been about happy endings. Isn’t that how it is always?

However Ettie’s more aware of Grandma’s personal sadness for reasons she won’t say. Then again, Ettie’s more restless, and then ever more so when she encounters Cora.

It seems that Cora’s a wild girl, someone daring and bold, who challenges Ettie’s routines and Grandma’s rules. Cora inspires Ettie to break out, to raid the larder and explore further than Grandma would ever allow. Then Cora dares Ettie to dive.

The quarry waters are deep, enticing and glittering, but forbidden to Ettie. Why? Why does everything have to be the way that Grandma’s ordered? Why can’t Ettie be more like Cora? In fact, isn’t she more like Cora? Then again, how far will Ettie dare to go?

Bookwagon is inspired by the magnificent setting Julia Green conjures. It pulses in our senses and thinking. Then again, the literary parallels within Ettie and the Midnight Pool are confidently and cleverly interwoven. We recognise Narcissus within Ettie’s discoveries while realising Orpheus and Eurydice‘s story in this year of truths for Ettie and her grandmother.

Bookwagon recommends Ettie and the Midnight Pool to all enquiring, dreaming, inspired readers. It is exceptional.

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Ettie and the Midnight Pool

Julia Green

(David Fickling Books)

Doesn’t every story have a happy ending? The stories that Ettie’s learned from her grandmother all have happy endings. For example, doesn’t Orpheus rescue Eurydice from the Underworld? It seems the way of the world, just as Ettie’s perfectly ordered and wonderful life with Grandma is happy.
However what if everything isn’t as ordered or happy? If the appearance of a strange, daring girl upends everything you’ve known and held true? Cora’s appearance, her wildness, unsettles Ettie’s understanding. Suddenly, she’s raiding the larder, heading out early and yearning to be free of Grandma’s guidance and rules. These include diving into the deep, alluring quarry pool, something Grandma’s forbidden. Yet, why? If Ettie’s up to it, why not? What is the worst that might happen? Ettie and the Midnight Pool is rich in the urgent potency of its setting, with Ettie’s restless coming to truth.
Books by Julia Green have a greater impact on readers’ hearts and minds than most others. Just think of the remarkable The Children of Swallow Fell, for example.
Here we’re playing with our knowledge of and curiosity about the parallels of classic Greek myths. It seems play throughout the story. For example, we dip the story of Narcissus, while sharing Ettie’s fascination with the entrancing cave network waters.
Bookwagon loves Ettie and the Midnight Pool. In fact, this is a poignant, mysterious and exceptionally beautiful book that we recommend for really reflective, inspired and intelligent readers.


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