An underworld of toshers and guttersnipes lurk in the sewers and back alleys of King’s Haven. They fear the gaze of Mrs Hester who might steal their souls and commit them to the non-existence of the White Witches.

Larabelle Fox exists as a tosher, making a living through what she finds in the sewers and can sell onto Old Hans. She relies on her wits, her friendship with Jack Cotton and the kindness of his failing grandmother. However, life is changing in King’s Haven. There are rumours of the rise of the Evernight. Lara is aware of the lurking presence of Shadow Jack, a djin controlled by Mrs Hester who seeks her especially. What does he want of Lara? Could it be something to do with her hidden treasure that compels and warns her movements? Might this link her to an unknown or magical past? Could it be something to do with the Doomsday Spell that Mrs Hester seeks, which will grant her control over the magical Blossom tree?

Evernight is an imposing tale of dark magic and ancient rules. We feel our way through pitch black sewers, step aboard magical ships, are gripped by the plight of Double Eight and urge our heroine forward in her discovery…



Ross MacKenzie

(Andersen Press)

Evernight is feared by the people of King’s Haven. However it’s been years since there’s been any sense of it for the Silver King maintains an order of fear. There are the White Witches at Mrs Hester’s command, and then the despised Hags. What might happen if one part of this unequal balance demands more, perhaps even to penetrate the power of the Westerly Witch by releasing the Doomsday Spell? It would mean  perfect control. First, however, the spell must be found. Fortunately Mrs Hester has Shadow Jack, a Djin under her total control…
Larabelle Fox’s wooden locket pulsates and appears to guide her. What is the secret of this hidden treasure? Although she is only a guttersnipe, a sewer tosher, she knows this object links her to an unknown past. Lara is a quick, intuitive survivor, loyal to Jack Cotton. She can sense the rise of something evil in King’s Haven. Thereafter, she’s aware of a shadowy presence desperate to find her. Could it be Shadow Jack?
What a deep, dark, compelling fantasy novel Ross MacKenzie has created. We feel the sewer brickwork, the cold presence of the Painted Men, and the hope of the Blossom magic. Evernight is a magnificent novel we recommend to readers who love fantasy titles such as A Pinch of Magic or Shadows of Winterspell


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