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It’s hard to think that Every Cloud has a silver lining when your world is turned upside down. Amy’s lovely bedroom with the clouds upon the ceiling is now Jasmine’s room. Meanwhile, they’re in the house that’s a state, on the other side of town. It’s all because of Dad’s accident. Then again, the move means that Amy’s no longer in the same secondary school zone as her friends. Although her parents promise her that she’ll go to Valley High, she’s a sinking feeling in her stomach. What’s more, Cassie’s seen the list for the  induction visit to Valley High and Amy’s name isn’t on it. Typically, she’s labouring the point, making Amy feel more and more wretched.

Cassie’s interrogation continues when Amy’s summer changes. Suddenly she’s not available for all the catching up planned with Cassie and  Molly. After Gran’s fall, she’s finding Pops difficult to manage. It seems his forgetfulness is getting worse. Mum wants to move in with Gran and Pops, taking Amy, Sam and Max too. Amy feels as though she has no say in any of her choices.

However across the road from Gran and Pops lives Jay, the quiet boy from Amy’s primary school. it seems he’s going to Thornberry High. What’s more, it seems that Pops likes Jay and wants to spend time with him, reminiscing about a game he used to play with Spinney, somebody Jay reminds him of,  What is the story here? Can Pops recall it, or can anyone help?

Bookwagon cannot recommend this middle grade story highly enough. Every Cloud is realistic, almost audible, empathetic and warm. We feel Amy’s fears and uncertainties, misapprehensions and victories. Bookwagon recommends this story should be read in any Year 6 classroom, by every middle grade reader. It is an exceptional story by a wonderful writer.

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Every Cloud

Ros Roberts

(Little Tiger Press)

It seems Cassie obsesses over ‘the triple bestie thing‘ that Amy has with her and Molly. What’s more, she’s going on about it even more, as Amy faces a new school, away from anyone she knows. It’s bad enough that Dad”s accident means they’ve moved out of the zone for Valley High. Then again, Mum and Dad have promised Amy that they’d get her in, so she’d start Year 7 with her friends. However, it doesn’t seem as though it’s going to happen. In fact, there’s only Jay, the quiet boy who started Asheligh Primary in Year 4, who’s left out of the Valley High induction day.
However, it’s going to get worse for Amy, as Pops’ fading memory and Gran’s fall means the family needs to stay at Pops and Gran’s house over the summer. It’s well away from her friends, and she’s stuck in a tiny sewing room. Furthermore, it seems that Jay lives across the road. How can she connect to him when he hardly says anything? Then how is Amy going to tell Cassie, particularly, that she’s not going to be able to meet up as they’d planned.
However this summer, a summer of indecision and seeming unhappiness, emerges as one where Amy finds her voice. It seems that not everyone is as she seems. Then again, spending time with Pops and Jay builds something special that is difficult to leave. Yet how can she explain this?
Bookwagon adores Digger and Me from Ros Roberts. We are over the moon and back again about Every Cloud. It seems character driven, empathetic novels for middle grade readers that stay fast are thin on the ground. However, this one is outstanding. We recommend Every Cloud through Maxi clouds, and more…


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