Every Day Amazing


Every Day Amazing is the compendium book you have been looking for if you want to know significant (and sometimes silly) things that happened on every day of the year.  We delve into history and the present and find out famous people who were born and died on each day.

Some of the strangest celebratory days are also featured, like the Ratcatchers Day and International Cat Day.  Every page is packed full of information and is backed up by fun and colourful illustrations.  This is the ideal non-fiction ‘list’ book.  It can be dipped into at leisure and would be perfect for school libraries.  It reminds us indeed that ‘every day’ can be ‘amazing’.

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Every Day Amazing

Mike Barfield, illustrations by Marianna Madriz

(Laurence King Publishing) – hardback

Every Day Amazing is the super information book that is quite literally the only year book you will ever need. Author Mike Barfield and illustrator Marianna Madriz have compiled quite amazing facts for every day in the year.

For each day we learn of a famous person who had a birthday and who passed away.  There are also quirky facts and information that readers will be able to impress their friends and families with.  For instance, did you know that on 31 May, the first Peppa Pig cartoon was shown on British TV and that Big Ben rang for the first time?  Furthermore, 22 July is Ratcatchers Day and the inventor of the potato crisp passed away. These are just two of 365 examples of fascinating and quirky facts to be found that can be dipped into at leisure, over and over.  From momentous moments in history to the silly and humdrum from around the world, this is the book to seek out.  This incredible compendium provides weird and wacky facts for all 365 days.

Bookwagon stocks loads of highly entertaining and informative non-fiction books, such as Listified and 365 Words Every Kid Should Know.

Author Mike Barfield’s web site is well worth a visit.  It is stacked with resources and fun information.




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