Everybody Counts


Everybody Counts: A Counting Story from 0 to 7.5 Billion, will compel you to do so much more than count! This entertaining title demands that we observe and make deductions as we track the characters’ stories through the pages.  How do their lives collide with those introduced on other pages? There are secrets galore to be discovered for the sharp-eyed along the way!

While it is evident that every character is unique, with his or her own life- everybody counts. There  is a quiz at the end of the book, and a spotting section that invites the reader to look back and become even further engrossed!

Everybody Counts has won a haul of Scandinavian book awards. These include the Nordic Council Children’s and Young People’s Literature Prize and and the 2019 Gold Award for Visual Communication from Visuelt / Grafill Nordic Association.
Furthermore, it was shortlisted for the Norway’s Brage Prize and the World Illustration Awards 2019.


Everybody Counts

A Counting Story from 0 to 7.5 billion

Kristin Roskifte

(Wide Eyed) – hardback

Everybody Counts deserves its tranche of international awards. We open to a story, where, upon the first page, readers are invited to consider the number of heartbeats, and those people who may be stargazing. Thereafter, we travel to a forest conversation. What is being shared? While three people appear on the podium of page three, only two are thrilled to be top three. While we take account of the information on each page, there is a conundrum. Furthermore each page increases the curiosity, story and enquiry. We are captive. What is happening?

It seems like this is a counting book, yet there are questions and an interactive story that engages us entirely. This title is like This is How We Do It in terms of its information. However, its open ended enquiry is similar to The British Museum: This or That? Furthermore, as we turn the pages, the depth and levels of information increase; we realise that this title is unique and quite wonderful. Kristin Rokifte has created a magnificent book, ideal for reading alone or sharing, but essential to home and school.



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