Everyone Dies Famous In a Small Town


Everyone Dies Famous In a Small Town, for there is always a connection, a story to tell. It might be that you are the exception to the rule of your town and cannot stand basketball. Thereafter, it might be that you are the one with a fascination for shellfish or seek the truth from the boy you thought was the pepper to your salt. Then again, it might be that you’re following the same route as your sisters in dating boys from the same family….

Yet nothing is as it seems in this outstanding collection of short stories. Furthermore, although small towns might seem to be full of denim and little else, everyone has secrets. Thereafter, everyone has their needs, whether it’s to grieve, escape or tell the truth. What’s more, magically, through knowing the stories of each of these characters like herself, Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock manages to interconnect each. We assume each story, each character, so at the end of each short story we mourn, and then secretly seek a glimpse of that character, before we’re swept up in another story, another history. All the while we can smell the smoke, feel the tension, fear and fury…

Everyone Dies Famous In a Small Town is a privilege to read. It is so good that I want BOTH Bookwagon booksellers to read and know this book. We urge all older teen readers (and their adults) to seek out this exceptional title.

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Everyone Dies Famous In a Small Town

Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock

(Faber & Faber)

Gina is resentful that she’s ‘been roped into taking her Dad’s girlfriend’s kid to the pond’. Her anger grows through their journey as Poppy chats with Elizabeth, her imaginary friend. Furthermore, when Poppy offers what another says about Gina, it seems to infuse her anger further to recklessness. It seems that anger and fire are fierce throughout this collection of interlinked short stories.
There is Delia’s fury at the silence her revelation meets. It seems as though her family are more impressed with their status and drinks’ parties. However Delia’s knowledge propels her to hitchhike to Granville, a tiny mining town, to end the reason for her anger forever. While this might seem to be the case, she fans the flames anew. Furthermore, in doing so there is a discovery of two kinds made by two different sisters. Each live in small towns, the sort that Martha Hollister is desperate to deny and escape. It seems that Everyone Dies Famous in a Small Town. It may not be the sweethearts’ crash, or the basketball glory. Thereafter, it could be something constant and inconspicuous…
After the outstanding The Smell of Other People’s Houses our hopes were high for this title. Everyone Dies Famous in a Small Town is an exceptional book for older teen readers. Its evocative settings through late 1990’s Montana, Alaska and Washington State, alongside the sense of listlessness and longing of its main characters, is heartbreaking and tangible. Bookwagon is moved and awed by this title.

This title is suitable for older, teen readers. It contains adult themes. 



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