Everyone Walks Away


‘Everyone Walks Away‘ and Frank is alone. While Tilly, Paul and Milan play, Frank watches, walking, heavy with loneliness. Why is he alone? What must he do to be included?

The framing of the pictures, the empathetic tones, the considered directions, add to Eva Lindström’s simple text. There’s almost a late Matisse suggestion in her wonderful picture book storytelling. What can Frank do? It seems that ‘everything is always the same, it’s the same as always‘. Is it?

Can Frank’s action draw the friends’ interest, an appreciation, a contact? We watch, and hope…

My Dog Mouse is one of my favourite sophisticated picture books. ‘Everyone Walks Away‘, like that title, offers Eva Lindström’s poignant, personal take on human emotions and needs.


Everyone Walks Away

Eva Lindström

(Gecko Press)- hardback

Frank is on his own. We watch as ‘Everyone Walks Away’. He takes his bag and walks, while Tilly, Paul and Milan have fun. Frank is alone. Selective text and empathetic colours emphasise his isolation and suggest the feelings. ‘Everyone Walks Away‘ is a powerful, subtle picture book.


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