Everything Under the Sun


Have you ever wondered why we taste different flavours? Did you know that octopuses have three hearts?  But why?  Is it possible for blue whales to talk to killer whales?

These imponderable questions are just a small sample of the 366 that are posed and answered in this fabulous compendium of information. Everything Under the Sun is fully colour illustrated by a host of illustrators and is a fascinating and unputdownable read.  For each calendar month, there is a question asked.

Author in chief Molly Oldfield first fielded questions like this, posed by children in her podcast of the same name.  Now we must be thankful to Molly for turning this podcast into this super fun book.  Everything `Under the Sun is the perfect gift and school library book and is heartily recommended.

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Everything Under the Sun

Molly Oldfield, with multiple illustrators

(Penguin/Ladybird) – hardback 

This fabulous facts book started out life as a podcast, hosted by Molly Oldfield, one of the original QI elves.  In the podcast, Molly and her team of experts answered curious questions submitted by children.  Furthermore, the format proved wildly successful as a podcast and has now been translated into this super book.
How much bamboo can a giant panda eat? Do aliens exist? What we would do if we didn’t have a prime minister? Why do peacocks make such a racket? How does sunscreen work? Why do hammerhead sharks have such strange-shaped heads?  These are just a few of the 366 questions asked and answered – one for each day of the (Leap) year.  (Why do we have Leap years is another question!).
It is not just Molly that answers the questions. Readers can ponder where ideas come from with award-winning illustrator, Rob Biddulph. Find out why you taste things differently when you have a cold with Michelin starred chef, Heston Blumenthal. Moreover, you can learn about everything from how astronauts see in the dark to what the biggest dinosaur was with experts from the Natural History Museum.
Further, all these fascinating facts are accompanied by gorgeous illustrations by a host of artists and illustrators. Whether you read a question a day, or dip into it whenever you are feeling curious, this is a book to treasure and share all year round.
Bookwagon recommends this lovely book alongside Every Day Amazing – both will keep curious children entertained for hours. A link to the original Everything Under the Sun podcast can be found here.


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