Everything You Know About Dinosaurs Is Wrong


Much of what we think we know about dinosaurs is untrue.  This is the startling premise for Everything You Know About Dinosaurs Is Wrong.  Author Dr Nick Crumpton and illustrator bring to life the latest research and knowledge about dinosaurs in this excellent guide.  As our scientific knowledge moves forward, thanks to the work of palaeontologists around the world, we now understand more about dinosaurs, when they lived and about their lives, habits and how they became extinct (although one of the things we learn from this book is that ‘dinosaurs’ are NOT extinct!).

This is an indispensable guide to the latest knowledge about dinosaurs, told in entertaining fashion and with superb, colourful illustrations throughout.

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Everything You Know About Dinosaurs Is Wrong

Dr Nick Crumpton, illustrated by Gavin Scott

(Nosy Crow) – hardback

Everything You Know About Dinosaurs is Wrong is the dinosaur book that will make you question all you thought you knew about dinosaurs.  Moreover, young and budding palaeontologists and dinosaur fans will be fascinated by the latest and information on dinosaur discoveries.
Dr Nick Crumpton, dinosaur expert and zoologist, has put together an entertaining and insightful guide to the latest research on dinosaurs.  Furthermore, his text is perfectly complemented by amazingly detailed dinosaur artwork from illustrator, Gavin Scott.
The book seeks to debunk myths and misconceptions about dinosaurs, many of which have been reinforced by the popular Jurassic Park/World movies.  Further, the latest research from palaeontologists makes for enlightening reading.  Did you believe that all dinosaurs all lived at the same time? That the Tyrannosaurus rex was the ultimate predator? Or that all dinosaurs were scaly-skinned?  Other myths dispelled by this book include: that dinosaurs are extinct and all long-necked dinosaurs looked similar. None of these are true and this book explains why.
This fascinating article on the Natural History Museum also dispels popular myths and misconceptions about the dinosaurs.
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