Everything You Need for a Treehouse


‘Start with blueprints to sketch, a hammer to hit, some nails and a saw….’ Essentially, the reader is urged to take ‘time and look up’. ‘Everything You Need for a Treehouse‘ goes beyond building plans and suggestions. This is a work of wonder. The reader is encouraged to think of the forest setting. Will the treehouse be alone, or deep within a forest? Boxes and bookshelves, rope swings and the right kind of sleeping bag are recommended.

This book identifies with the plans and schemes young readers of potential make. It’s a book of possibility and wonder. The reader is encouraged to ‘look up’, to seek out ‘moles in the meadows’ and ‘spotlights and shadows’ in the sky. Time and looking up transport us beyond our reality and limitations, to infusions of wonderful imagining.

This is a wonderful book. I could not recommend it more. ‘Everything You Need for a Treehouse‘ demands a place on your bookshelf, and your treehouse bookshelf too.


Everything You Need for a Treehouse

Carter Higgins and Emily Hughes

(Chronicle Books)- hardback

Everything you need for a treehouse starts with time and looking up.’ From setting to size, design to furnishing, there’s so much to consider when you build a treehouse. Expansively and imaginatively, the reader journeys the process in this magnificent book.


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