Evie’s War


This is a beautifully written and moving story of love, loss and learning to grow up. Set in Whitby before and during World War One, Evie and her family are struggling to deal with a tragedy in the family.  When Evie’s older brother David joins up with the army while still under-age, the family are thrown into further turmoil.  Despite everything, Evie and her sister Kitty find ways to keep their spirits up.

The family do their best to contribute to the war effort, while they also struggle with the sacrifices each of them are forced to make. Based on the actual bombing of Whitby in 1914, this is a beautiful, powerful and important read, but also wonderfully uplifting and not without humour.


Evie’s War

Holly Webb


This moving and heartfelt novel tells of Evie and her family’s experiences during the First World War.  The family is already struggling to cope with the unexpected death in the family member, when elder brother David enlists, despite being under age.  The story has a very strong sense of history and place and Evie herself is beautifully written, as are all the characters.
Perfect for confident readers, this lovely novel deals with important issues in a timely and sympathetic way.  Highly recommended.


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