Evil Emperor Penguin


Far away in the icy wastes of Antarctica lurks the Evil Emperor Penguin (EEP to his subjects).  As the name suggests, this is no ordinary penguin.  With sidekicks Eugene (a lemming) and Number 8 (an octopus) he devises evil plans and dastardly plots to take over the world.  Just when his evil plans seem like they are coming to fruition, arch-enemy Evil Cat appears with his own cunning plans…

The Phoenix Presents comic is hugely popular and this series one of its favourites.  This is a very funny, brilliantly drawn and colourful collection of comic book stories.



Evil Emperor Penguin

Laura Ellen Anderson

(David Fickling Books)

Everyone loves penguins don’t they?  Not this penguin – Evil Emperor Penguin plots to take over the world from his evil head quarters in Antarctica.  Alongside his trusty, but hapless, sidekicks Eugene and Number 8, he devises evil plans to match his evil inventions. Just when maybe one of his dastardly plans will succeed, he encounters Evil Cat, his arch-enemy rival.
Finally gathered together in this great compendium of the very popular stories from the Phoenix Presents comic, the results are hilarious.  Because the drawings by Laura Ellen Anderson are so wonderfully witty and evocative and the storylines delightfully bonkers, this is a must.



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