Evolution has been written by scientists Sarah Darwin and Eva-Maria Sadowski for all budding scientists! How does life work on earth? How has life adapted to the ever-changing world and its climate?  Furthermore, how did Sarah’s great-great-grandfather Charles and naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace come up with their theory of natural selection?  How did they seek to explain our earth’s amazing history and those of the animals, plants and insects that inhabit it?

This is a very special book and one which Bookwagon thoroughly recommends for every school and home library.

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Sarah Darwin and Eva-Maria Sadowski, illustrated by Olga Baumert

(What on Earth Books/Natural History Museum)

Evolution invites readers to join scientists Sarah Darwin (yes, Charles is her great-great grandfather) and Eva-Maria Sadowski on an amazing voyage of discovery.  The Earth has come a very long way from the molten planet with oceans of magma that existed 4.5 billion years ago. Since then, land masses have shifted and the climate has been through many ages and changes.  Meanwhile, life has flourished. But how exactly did living things emerge and come to be?
This beautifully illustrated book enlightens us about what evolution is and how it works.  We begin with a description of how the theory of natural selection was devised by Charles Darwin and naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace.  Furthermore, and quite remarkably, they came to similar conclusions quite independently.  Moreover, we see how climate change has come about and how animals have adapted to their evolutionary needs.
Budding botanists and wildlife lovers are sure to be enthralled by this in-depth tour of life.  The text is clear and accessible and the superb illustrations perfectly capture the incredible story. Here readers can find out how plants, humans, pet dogs and everything else came to be and what this might mean for our future.
Bookwagon is pleased to stock several books about Charles Darwin and evolution, including Darwin and Hooker and Moth .


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