Explorers on Black Ice Bridge


We left Stella Starflake and her father, Felix in hot water, in Explorers on Witch Mountain. Stella and her brave band of fellow explorers travelled to forbidden Witch Mountain to rescue Felix, forbidden to travel to that area. Now they face the repercussions of that expedition. Not only are the The Polar Bear Explorer’s Club seeking to ban Felix, but they are keen to rid the society of ice princess Stella, too. Furthermore, the pair are denied from undertaking any further explorations.

Within moments of the society’s judgement, Stella and Felix, and Stella’s band of friends, are en route to the Black Ice Bridge. This is one of the most feared, perilous and unknown areas on the explorers’ map. However within the bridge’s boundaries lies the Black Castle. There lives Queen Portia who stole Stella’s Book of Frost. It is imperative that Stella rescues this for it explains how the charms within her enchanted bracelet work. Furthermore it holds the spell to reverse the deadly wolf bite affecting Shay and his shadow wolf, Koa.

Time is ticking however, and Stella and Felix are pursued. There are so many dangers ahead, most unknown, and the explorers seem ill-prepared. What will mermaids, a bowler hatted flamingo and indecipherable gargoyles throw into the adventure?

Bookwagon loves this exciting adventure series. We enjoy the camaraderie between the friends, imaginative cues, discoveries and characters, the daring, and wealth of ideas. ‘Explorers on Black Ice Bridge‘ is a rip-roaring, wonderful race against time. We recommend this title wholeheartedly!



Explorers on Black Ice Bridge

Alex Bell

(Faber & Faber)

‘Explorers on Black Ice Bridge’ are a small but fearless band. Stella Starflake and her father face expulsion from The Polar Bear Explorer’s Club after venturing onto the forbidden Witch Mountain. The club is suspicious of Stella for she is an ice princess, reviled by members of the club for their cruel history. Stella is aware of the potential icicle in her heart. Her ice princess tiara led to Shay’s affliction. She’s watching the creeping effects from the bite of a witch wolf affect his shadow wolf. Who knows what lies ahead for the pair? Only Stella is able to resolve the situation.
Stella plans to travel to the dreaded Black Ice Bridge, the scene of many failed explorations, fabled to be the end of hope and life. Queen Portia in the Black Castle on the Black Ice Bridge has Stella’s Book of Frost. This tome holds the key to Shay’s recovery. However, rescuing it means a perilous, unknown, sea gremlin and mermaid and ogre encrusted journey. If Stella and Felix are banned from exploring, how can they travel? Could they break the rules? Will the tight knit band survive this adventure, as ‘Explorers on Black Ice Bridge’? 


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