Extra Yarn


A friend, lately returned from North America loaned me ‘Extra Yarn’. I bought my own copy later the same day. I have read it with family, pupils and friends and gifted it and have continued to gift it ever since.

Annabelle’s discovery of a box of yarn of every colour inspires her. It illuminates her cold black and white town. She uses it to knit the setting and characters into a multicoloured community, confounding a thieving Archduke along the way. ‘Extra Yarn‘ is an intriguing and captivating story that begs to be shared and loved.

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Extra Yarn

Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen


One day, a girl in an ordinary town finds some wool. She knits, then she knits some more, and more still, until the ordinary town becomes extraordinary. From where does all this knitting, all this extra yarn, originate? Will the Archduke discover the secret to ‘Extra Yarn’? 
‘Extra Yarn’ is an allegory for our times. It is Oscar Wilde or Aesop for the 21st century, destined to be read and loved by generations.


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