Susan Martineau and Vicky have collaborated expertly to produce Facts – Essential Knowledge for Curious Kids.  The information on display is superbly written and vibrantly illustrated.  It is also eclectically chosen and jumps around in a random way that is bound to appeal and maintains attention.

We learn about toys through the ages; writing forms around the world; gentle giants of the deep, animals and insects that are able to glow in the dark and much, much more.  It is also high on humour and is up to date on issues that affect the world today, such as renewable energy and animal conservation.  This is perfect fact fare for curious younger children and is certainly recommended!

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Essential Knowledge for Curious Kids

Susan Martineau and Vicky Barker

(b small publishing)

The joy of this facts and information book is its randomness! Of course, the range of information is broad, but the book homes in on subjects that perhaps you wouldn’t expect.  I wonder if you have heard about the monk who tried to fly (in the 11th century, it did not end well!). How about the huge number of creatures that are able to glow in the dark? What is the fastest animal on earth, or in the sky?
Just about everything is covered in this slim, but comprehensive and beautifully illustrated volume. From flying machines to courageous explorers and on to gentle giants of the deep.  This is a wonderful little book that acts as a guide to world around us and to its history.  Have you ever wondered how airports work, or the fantastic ways that animals and insects camouflage themselves?  You need not wonder further, because it’s all here.
Susan Martineau and Vicky Barker have teamed up on several non-fiction books, that are available in the Bookwagon on-line bookstore.  For example, Real Life Mysteries, Real Life Disasters and Question Everything.
Author Susan Martineau talks about the book she wishes she had written in this Books For Keeps article.


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