Fairy Vs.Wizard: A Stink Adventure


Danny Todd is horrified to realise Stink’s returned to make his life a nightmare. Didn’t he fulfil his promise and enable her to win her wings? Didn’t she return to Fairyland- forever?

However, Stink apologises blithely for her broken promise. It seems she’s on a mission for a new, improved wand. She has revenge in mind.

Danny  knows that Stink has an ability to upturn every situation. He feels as though his life is only just going as it should without drawing unwanted attention to himself. Therefore he tries his best to set boundaries. However, a fairy who sees Maltesers as a fast track to adventure runs for her ‘ponies’ (aka miniature foxes) cannot be reined in! What’s more, she has the potential to make Danny a ‘disco’ laughing stock. Then again, could a science play prove his salvation? With the help of Stink’s childhood wizard friend? Maybe…. Watch this space!

Bookwagon loves this illustrated, animated story, a stand alone sequel to Stink: Fairy Vs. Boy. Stink: Fairy Vs. Wizard is a laugh-out-loud treasure that we love and recommend to all readers.

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Fairy Vs.Wizard: A Stink Adventure

Jenny McLachlan


Danny Todd thought he’d seen the last of S.Tink, so is horrified to by her return. Didn’t he help her earn her wings? Didn’t this mean she’d leave his life forever?  It seems that the fairy’s back but without apology or excuses. However, it’s not for wings.  It seems she’s after an improved wand. Things haven’t gone particularly well in Fairyland. However, Stink’s not keen to be drawn on events…  It seems that Danny Todd’s not the only one who’s apprehensive as we enter Fairy Vs.Wizard: A Stink Adventure.
Thereafter, Danny’s life is upturned as Stink’s determined to tag along, even when not wanted. While Sophie and Kabir are delighted, Danny’s desperately trying to set boundaries. However we know this fairy’s not one to be restrained, or keep her promises.
Then again, what if there’s something in it for her? Or even, that she sees more of what we know about Danny. After all, isn’t he trying desperately to fit in? It seems Miss Nichol sees this. That’s why there’s a performance  opportunity ahead for Danny, even if he doesn’t want it…. Stink’s determined to make it better. Then again, doesn’t she owe him? Therefore, what about recruiting her wizardly childhood best friend? He’s only teeny, isn’t he? However we know to prepare for fireworks far beyond any embarrassing video?
Jenny McLachlan‘s words and pictures are truly entertaining. In fact, we’re on tenterhooks during Danny’s lessons and then through rehearsals. Like him, we’re never sure of Stink’s plans. Then again, we can almost hear the Malteser adventure run, alongside her whirling thoughts and impressions of humany life. Like our introduction to Stink: Fairy Vs. Boy, Fairy Vs. Wizard: A Stink Adventure is original, hilarious and heartfelt title. Bookwagon loves and recommends this book! .


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