Fantastically Great Women Who Saved the Planet


We’ve heard of Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop. Yet did you know that she was one of the first traders to resist testing products on animals while also recycling containers and supporting the Fair Trade movement? She is one of the inspiring women featured in Kate Pankhurst’s Fantastically Great Women Who Saved the Planet.

Ingeborg Belling was part of a team of scientists who researched the ‘rhythm of life‘, i.e., realising how nature’s clock works. Daphne Sheldrick’s commitment to saving African elephants became Kenya’s Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

The majority of the women featured in the latest of Kate Pankhurst’s wonderful series, are unfamiliar. I am inspired by the writer’s thorough research, organisation and depth of information. Her subjects cover so many areas of ‘saving the planet‘. Furthermore, it is evident that the determination to preserve, respect and nurture Earth and all its inhabitants, has lasted a long time. It is also in the minds and actions of women from all over the world.

Fantastically Great Women Who Saved the Planet is a proud, diverse, thorough and motivating title to add to its series and our bookshelves. Bookwagon is proud to sell this title.

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Fantastically Great Women Who Saved the Planet

Kate Pankhurst


Kate Pankhurst adds to her Fantastically Great Women series with Fantastically Great Women Who Saved the Planet. She introduces women such as Eugenie Clark whose observations about sharks helped us realise their intelligence and sleep patterns. Then there’s the Chipko Movement that formed in the Himalayas in protest at the Indian government’s forest decimation.
What about Mária Thelkes? Her fascination with alternative sources of energy resulted in the Dover Sunhouse, the world’s first solar powered house.
Although we are familiar with the series and presentation, each new issue is a fresh burst of inspiration. Kate Pankhurst introduces each selection alongside information about their background, motivation, practice, discovery and legacy. Thereafter, her bright, fluent pictures inspire us to follow and realise what she’s sharing with us.
The women featured in Fantastically Great Women Who Saved the Planet include household names such as the redoubtable Jane Goodall. Yet alongside these, are women like Isatou Geesay whose Women’s Initiative in The Gambia is something more approachable. Working to use teamwork and local resources, Isatou has created a movement that is environmentally friendly and helpful to her country’s women!
There is a lot to get excited about as with Fantastically Great Women Who Worked Wonders or Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World. We are proud to include this title amongst our non-fiction books.



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