Fantasy Sports 1: The Court of Souls


Madam Archmage reviews the charges that Mug and Wiz have set against each other. It seems serious, for each finds the other impossible to work with. While Mug charges into every situation, using his strength, Wiz employs his wit and brains. However, each is seen as culpable and punished by having to work together anew to retrieve precious treasures from the mummy’s temple.

Here, the temple master sets the pair a challenge. Can they beat him at a game of basketball? Naturally, Mug barges in, determined he can overcome a ‘bag of bones‘. However, what if the game is full of twists and magical turns? Then again, could it be ‘weakling’ Wiz, who might come up trumps? Or might the temple tyrant have an evil plan to thwart Wiz?

Bookwagon is delighted to welcome The Court of Souls, the introduction to Sam Bosma’s graphic series, Fantasy Sports. Not only are the graphics bold, direct and fabulous, but the action packed story fascinating and very exciting!

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Fantasy Sports 1: The Court of Souls

Sam Bosma

(Flying Eye Books)

Can Mug and Wiz work together? it seems the Archmage will not hear their complaints against each other. In fact, she insists they must work together in a test of their abilities. Now they face He of the Giant Steps in an attempt to collect a horde of magical artefacts from the mummy’s tomb. It seems this entity has set the pair a task to the death. They are to face him in the ultimate game of basketball.
Naturally, Mug sees this as a chance to prove his strength. Doesn’t he always charge into any situation, after all? Meanwhile, Wiz prefers to demonstrate respect and negotiate any new situation, even one with an all-seeing devious Conqueror from many, many years ago. However, it seems the pair might be out of their league in The Court of Souls. It seems any chance of relinquishing treasure from this tomb is down to this ultimate game of basketball.
Sam Bosma opens his Fantasy Sports series with a vibrant, action- packed game of wit and strength. It seems that Mug and Wiz are playing against a devious opponent who feels enabled to change the rules and the setting with ease and menace. Thereafter, Bookwagon welcomes Fantasy Sports 1: The Court of Souls aboard.


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