Farah Loves Mangos


Farah Loves Mangos so much that she reads to them ‘before eating them of course’. It seems that every summer there’s a fresh crop from Grandpa’s tree that stands in the garden that goes on ‘forever and ever‘. During the summer, Farah and Mali (the dog) help Grandpa collect the crop.

However, this summer is different. There are no mangos. Although Farah puts her mind to the problem and gifts a scarf, feeds milk so the tree is healthy and then weeps beneath it to water it, no mangos grow. What’s more, it seems Grandpa is distracted on a project and not paying attention to Farah’s concerns. What use is the tree without fruit for her to eat?

Then again, could Grandpa’s project offer Farah a route to discovering more about this tree?

Bookwagon is agog with wonder at this exceptionally beautiful picture book. Not only is the message clear and beautifully explained, but then the pictures are almost olfactory! Farah Love Mangos is delicious! Thereafter we love and recommends this glorious book to readers of all ages!

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Farah Loves Mangos

Sarthak Sinha

(Flying Eye Books)

Farah Loves Mangos. In fact, she adores them so much that ‘she could go swimming in an ocean full of them‘. What’s more, she ‘even reads them stories from the book Grandpa gave her. Before eating them, obviously.’ However, every one of them comes from Grandpa’s old tree from which a haul is collected. We see the tree within ‘a big backyard that stretches forever… …and ever’. It is idyllic.
However, what if this ‘summer the tree is bare’? Although Farah’s curiosity is piqued, it seems ‘Grandpa is too busy doing something‘ to respond to her questions.  Therefore, could  Farah’s mind can be put to use that she comes up with a plan to grow fruit from the tree? Maybe singing, or drinking milk or gifting it a scarf, or even watering it? Is the tree ‘useless‘ without fruit? Maybe, Grandpa has something to share…
Sarthak Sina offers a most mouth-watering picture book of nature, life, seasons and love in Farah Loves Mangos. It feels as though Farah’s discoveries are ours. What’s more, this stories message is clear and so beautifully evident. Bookwagon adores this picture book and looks forward to further works by this illustrator. Like Mum, Me and the Mulberry Tree, this is a picture book, a story, to cherish.


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