Farmer Clegg’s Night Out


After Farmer Clegg’s taken out his dentures and settled down for the night, it seems like the world is asleep. However, the animals know something different. As Woolworth the sheep encourages them to ‘Roll up. Don’t be late!‘ for the big performance, the lights shine and excitement grows.

This is Farmer Clegg’s Night Out. Thereafter we watch horse moves and grooves, a pig mariachi band, a chicken opera singer with a difference… the delights bring the roof down! Yet when Farmer Clegg appears? What on earth is going to happen?

Peter Bently’s rhyming text is hilarious. His picture book is full of imagination and unexpected twists and turns. Ramsey and Ramsden take this bookseller’s prize for inventiveness, but then who’s the prizewinner on the night?

Bookwagon loves and recommends Farmer Clegg’s Night Out to be read together, alone, but with great enjoyment!

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Farmer Clegg’s Night Out

Peter Bently and Jim Field

(Pan Macmillan)

‘… what’s that whispering? That grunting and snuffling?’ After all, Farmer Clegg is tucked up for the night! It seems that Woolworth is announcing a ‘show’ that ‘starts at midnight’. What’s more there’s some ‘top talent’! It seems, we’re granted admission during Farmer Clegg’s Night Out.
There’s Dubbin’ Dobbin ‘up on his hooves, while Ol’ Hissing Hank and his Honky-Tonk Honkers’ jazz band follow. Then there’s ‘Hettie the Hoofer’, the tap-dancing cow, who shuffles and shuffles and ‘then [does] the splits’. It seems the talent on show is exceptional!
Could there be juggling and pig mariachi? Might Ramsden and Ramsden, to pop-singer twins appear? Although ‘they’re disastrous‘, it seems they’re comedic, goat gold!
Is it possible that the farmer might sleep through the ruckus of this show? Surely he’ll be awakened by the crowds, if not musical Meg who can sing an aria and lay an egg…
Peter Bently’s rhyme and imagination are hilarious. Then again, we feel we’ve stepped right into the show, can feel the excitement, hear the band and the oohs and aahs of the crowds at the performance. This thanks to the intricate, uproarious, comedic illustrations of Jim Field. We love his works, including How Many Legs? and Monsieur Roscoe on Holiday.
We love the twist in the tale, that means the competition of Farmer Clegg’s Night Out has an unexpected but charming conclusion. What a wonderful picture book to share, keep and love.


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