Feather is the final book in the terrific series about a group of birdwatching enthusiasts who also solve crimes.  On a school trip to the Royal Swan Natural History Museum, Ava finds herself at the centre of a robbery.  A huge number of invaluable bird of paradise skins from the Alfred Wallace Collection have been stolen! At the scene of the crime, Ava finds a large black feather – possibly from a Raven.  Ava is sure it’s a clue, because Ravens are not usually seen in the area.  However, the police are not interested.  Ava takes the case to the Twitchers in an investigation that leads them into most unexpected territories, involving fly-fishing, a strange girl with a pet Raven and to a dangerous ring of thieves and smugglers…

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M G Leonard

(Walker Books)

Feather is the fourth and final story in M G Leonard’s brilliant series featuring a group of intrepid children solve crime while also being avid birdwatchers!  This time, Ava, a stalwart member of the twitchers club is on a school visit to the Royal Swan natural history museum.  While she is there the burglar alarm goes off and she finds herself in the midst of a mystery the gang just love to solve.  There‘s something not quite right about the robbery.  There seems to have been a decoy robbery  to cover up the real target of the theft.  The burglars have stolen loads of stuffed birds of paradise, collected by famous naturalist Alfred Wallace. The birds are priceless, both for their historical significance and their prized feathers.
Reporting back to the rest of the group, Ava retraces the events of the theft.  The team then set out to solve the mystery – could the burglars be after the invaluable feathers for the fashion industry perhaps? As their investigation continues, surprising suspects emerge and the danger escalates.  Furthermore, what has the unusual presence of a Raven at the museum got to do with the burglary?
M G Leonard’s twitcher series ends on a high.  The combination of mystery and detective work, alongside fascinating facts about birds and bird life is an absolute winner.  This series is going to be missed!



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