Ferdinand Magellan


Meet Ferdinand Magellan, the 16th-century explorer who masterminded the first ever voyage to sail round the world. His outlandish claims to have ‘discovered’ many new lands ignored the fact that indigenous people already lived in these lands!

We find out why he was hated by royals, aristocracy and sailors alike.  He was sometimes cruel, but his bravery and sense of adventure was in no doubt.  But why did he make one of his sailors dance with a ‘giant’ and how was his life was saved by a pot of jam?

This marvellous potted biography in the “First Names” series has spirit and humour throughout. Magellan’s legacy is examined in the light of the exploitation of the lands he ‘discovered’.

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Ferdinand Magellan

Candy Gourlay, illustrated by Tom Knight

(David Fickling Books – First Name Series)

Magellan was the swashbuckling explorer who in the 16th century masterminded the first ever voyage around the world.  Born into the aristocracy, he had a privileged start to life,  However, his parents both died when he was young and he was adopted into the royal court.
Obsessed with navigation and seafaring, he rose through society to become a daring explorer.  He confidently declared that he had ‘discovered’ many lands – although indigenous peoples had of course lived in these lands for centuries. He was one of the most important adventurers in the ‘Age of Exploration’.
Candy Gourlay narrates his life with skill and plenty of wry humour.  She places Magellan in both the context of his own time, but also with hindsight, reflecting on his dubious legacy.

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