Fergal is Fuming!


‘That’s not FAIR!’ Fergal fumes. From his tea, to football, to Bear’s buns, Fergal’s fiery rages are upsetting everyone in town! He’s not happy either. What can be done? Does Mum have a workable solution?

We engage with Fergal, sensing his frustration and fears. We want to help him overcome his fuming. Robert Starling develops empathy through employment of explosive, expressive pictures. He offers a direct message in his uncluttered text, including the repeated phrase, ‘That’s not FAIR!’

Fergal is Fuming!’ is a recommended picture book for bedtime reading and rereading alone, building up reading repertoire and enjoyment. It is also a recommended choice when considering implications of personal and social behaviour. We recommend ‘Fergal is Fuming!’ to readers aged from 2 or 3 or 4 or 5.


Fergal is Fuming!

Robert Starling

(Andersen Press)

Fergal gets into trouble all over town. ‘It’s not FAIR!’ he cries, feeling fuming, and then…. ¬†What can be done to help Fergal to calm his rages, his ‘flare ups’? This warm- hearted, incident packed, empathetic picture book is a treat, sure to engage younger readers, while sending a subtle message too.


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