Fergus Barnaby Goes On Holiday


Fergus Barnaby Goes On Holiday‘. Well, he’s nearly going on holiday. However, he has a lot of holiday packing to collect from the other residents in the building in which he lives. There are goggles and a bucket and spade, amongst other things. Every time he remembers, Fergus Barnaby has to trek all the way up the stairs, and then all the way back. Meanwhile, Dad and Mum are getting ready to leave. ‘Are you ready now?

What an enchanting and original picture book! We journey with Fergus, up and back, passing characters who become familiar, recognising their floor and what they’ve loaned from Fergus. It’s a captivating read and one that’s sure to engage a bedtime reader, and then become a favourite to read alone. We love ‘Fergus Barnaby Goes On Holiday’ and recommend it highly to our readers.


Fergus Barnaby Goes On Holiday

David Barrow

(Hodder Children’s)

‘Don’t forget anything, Fergus.’ calls Dad. Yet again, there’s something to remember before, ‘Fergus Barnaby Goes On Holiday’. From the hippo with his swimming goggles to the kite he loaned to Teddy… Fergus Barnaby has a lot of holiday packing to sort out with his neighbours!


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