Fig Swims the World


Fig appears to be overwhelmed by the disappointment she seems to cause. It’s obvious that her top-flight lawyer mother (Mubla) is disappointed in her. Why else would she harry her about results and assignments, check her phone and contacts, leave her ‘to do’ lists and create her daughter’s resolutions? Therefore, it’s entirely out of character when Fig creates her own New Year’s resolution that she shares with Stella, her best friend, only. This year, it appears, will be the year that Fig Swims the World. There’s just one problem…. Fig can’t swim.

Alongside spiders, ‘performing onstage, being alone, Mubla and life‘, swimming is something that has always terrified her. Yet, with Stella’s encouragement and complicity, Fig faces her fears. When she meets Sage, an elderly swimmer, at the pool, who takes her under her (swimming) wing, Fig is in the (not so fast) lane. It’s a case of ‘bubble bubble breathe’ thereafter, alongside problem-solving, lying, blocking, budgeting and mixing with criminals.

Fig works out that she will swim in six continents. While she plans, she attends meetings with swimming groups, including Sage’s Mermaids, and then with ‘the Boss’ at the Swimming Show. Why does ‘the Boss’ take against Fig? Thereafter, why does she seem to want to sink Fig before she’s even begun?

Will Fig set off? Can a fifteen-year-old girl hope to work through a list of adventurous unknowns, fighting fears, tents, possible jellyfish, while evading Mubla’s tenacious grip?

Fig Swims the World is jellyfish gripping and quite wonderful. It’s the story of fighting against doubts, fears and those who would drag us under. Bookwagon loves this encouraging, inspirational story.


Fig Swims the World

Lou Abercrombie


Does your family set New Year resolutions of significance? Fig’s mother (Mubla) sets her these. Therefore Fig Swims the World is extraordinary, for it seems as though Fig’s mother’s resolution for her is nothing like this. Of course there are exemplary exam results set for Lemony (Fig’s registered name) alongside acting classes. Yet performing, like spiders, jellyfish, Mubla and swimming, is amongst Fig’s greatest fears.
While top flight barrister, Mubla, is dismissive of her daughter, Fig is made of stern stuff in truth. However, this year of years is the time she realises just how exceptional she is. Alongside the support of her best friend Stella, super spy brother Jago, ‘Mermaids’ Sage and Myrtle, Fig sets her course’ to swim around the world’. She plots her course, creates lists, works out her budget, mixes with the criminal fraternity, lies and tricks and learns to swim- ‘bubble, bubble, breathe’. Along the way Fig changes from overwhelmed, frustrated, disappointed girl, into the Little Mermaid.
Fig Swims the World is a story of a hero battling down adversity beyond jellyfish and name callers. Thereafter, she opens her eyes (underwater too) and sees the wonder of the world about her, and within herself. Bookwagon loves this ambitious, empowering, strange and strong story!


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