Find Peace in a Poem


What is the ‘rhythm of your life’? Might it be like the rattle of a train so that we feel our heartbeats, the pulses of our very being? Michael Rosen hits the rhythms and we fall into the investigation. Thereafter,  we fall into the ‘softness in breathing‘ that Amina Jama contemplates. She offers that whenever her ‘chest get[s] tight, and air/ struggles to travel past [her] lips’- that she counts ‘all the soft things/ around [her]’. Thereafter she breathes in ‘each of them;. Furthermore, when ‘breathing is hard and the worry gets sharp’ she remembers ‘to count each softness and inhale them all/ one at a time’.

It seems as though Amina Jama, like every poet whose work features in Find Peace in a Poem, has an intuition about herreader. Therefore, they nudge and remind us, cajole, inspire and comfort. For example, James Carter suggests that we might ‘catch’ and thereafter ‘trap’ and ‘write‘ our ‘present‘ that ‘escapes into the past./ Like raindrops on a lake’.

In fact might each of us Take Care of the Small Things, as Sue Hardy- Dawson suggests, so that on our big days, we might be able to drink from this collection to feel better?

Bookwagon loves the humanity, morale, empathy and understanding evident through the poetry selected for Find Peace in a Poem. What a wonderful book.

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Find Peace in a Poem

Poetry about Mindfulness

(Little Tiger Press)

‘- here you are!/ Inside your shoes, inside your skin/ and beneath your hair’. Mandy Coe, whom we know from Belonging Street opens Find Peace in a Poem, with an exaltation. You are Here! You are Here!
Thereafter, we make hopeless wishes in a wishing well with Jack Prelutsky, until we ‘rhyme inside [our] head/ so that ‘now it’s in [our] heart’. It leads to us ‘gather[ing] ourselves with Pat Mora upon a rock.
Find Peace in a Poem is the latest title in an outstanding series from Little Tiger Press. It is so confidently edited. This means that every selection from Zaro Weil’s magical Hide and Seek of quiet (‘inside of me‘) to Naomi Shihab Nye‘s painterly ‘giant sweep of blue’ are almost tangible. It feels as though the poets’ innermost thoughts are soothing us, hearing us, so that they know how we feel. We see this through the certainty of Mary Ann Hoberman’s The Treasure that Time Built for example, Here  she reminds us, ‘No matter what/ you say or do/ You are in time/ Time is in you’.
Bookwagon loves and recommends this superb addition to a wonderful series.  What an exceptional and essential poetry collection.


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