Find the Spy


Within this fascinating selection of the stories of eight real-life spies, readers are invited to practise their own spy skills. Zoë Armstrong and Shelly Laslo introduce each spy, from a variety of backgrounds and settings, with an invitation to find them in a crowd. Thereafter, we learn about the individual’s life, motivation, practice and legacy.

At this point, the writer and illustrator explain and demonstrate how each spy may have worked. For example, Virginia Hall, whom the Nazis considered ‘the most dangerous spy of all‘, was a master of disguise. She was able to alter the way she looked, moved and sounded. Her skills are exceptional when you consideri that Virginia Hall had an artificial leg she named ‘Cuthbert’!

Shelly Laslo uses subtle, painterly illustrations, overlapping as in a sort of box of photographs’ style. I like the organisation of the book, and the useful, succinct, captivating information that Zoë Armstrong shares.

Find the Spy is a great discovery! Bookwagon is delighted to recommend this wonderful book to our readers.

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Find the Spy

Zoë Armstrong  and Shelly Laslo


Can you Find the Spy? Zoë Armstrong and Shelly Laslo’s book is full of such fascinating information! ‘Can you spot‘? We seek each real life page in a representation of their environment. Although you may have heard of Violette Szabo and Noor Inayat Khan (from How to Be Extraordinary), many subjects are lesser known. For example, have you heard of Mary Bowser or Frank Foley? Perhaps you’ve read of the exceptional bravery of Virginia Hall.
We examine each spy’s life, motivation, methods, location and legacy. Readers can practise individual spy skills at that point. It may be through the art of disguise or cryptography.
Bookwagon is excited to bring you such a well researched, interesting and comprehensive title. Furthermore Find the Spy is rather like its subject in that its compelling information is almost ‘hidden’. It seems like its subtle colouring and skilled organisation could not pack such a punch. However, this is a superb title that we believe will engage, inform and delight.


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