Finding Bear


Finding Bear is the sequel to Hannah Gold’s hugely successful The Last Bear.  This is an equally affecting story of love devotion and adventure.

April feels compelled to return to the Arctic when she learns that a polar has been shot near Svalbard.  She feels it deep down that it is Bear who is injured and in need of her help.  She persuades her father to join her on a rescue mission to the Arctic.  So begins an amazing story of discovery and survival as she battles the elements in the forbidding Arctic environment.

This entirely successful follow-up is just as exciting a story of love and enduring respect as its predecessor.

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Finding Bear

Hannah Gold, illustrations by Levi Pinfold

(Harper Collins)

Finding Bear is the follow-up to Hannah Gold’s excellent and best-selling The Last Bear.   It’s some time since April has returned home from her adventure on Bear Island, but she can’t stop thinking about Bear.  She looks forward each month to receive an email from her friend who lives in Svalbard, who gives her news.  She is horrified to learn in the next email that a polar bear has been shot and injured in Svalbard.
April is convinced it’s her friend Bear; she feels it is so deep down.  She persuades her father to travel with her to the Arctic. April believes that only she can help Bear and so begins an unforgettable journey across frozen tundra and icy glaciers.  Once arrived, she is more than ever convinced that it is Bear that is in danger.
April and her father set off with local guides on a perilous journey to find Bear.  The environment and weather is harsh and forbidding and April then discovers something much more than she was expecting – a tiny polar bear cub.  Then in a storm, April, Bear and the Cub become separated from the rest of the group.  She is left to overcome the dangerous Arctic terrain and face her deepest fears if she is to save the Cub and protect Bear.  Then there is the matter of her own survival…
Finding Bear is a stunning story of survival, as well as a heartwarming tale of love and adventure. As if this isn’t enough, the book is quite beautifully illustrated by Levi Pinfold.


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