Finding Wonder


Roo’s world collapses about the same time that Dad’s luck seems to have come in. However, Dad’s luck is his final spin; his outing for a lottery ticket leads Roo to living with her aunt, Joni, whom Dad once labelled unreliable. Then again, Joni, with her multitude of jobs and butterfly decorated camper, is quick to collect Roo and thereafter take her on, putting her welfare, above anything.

It means that Dad’s lucky break, enables the fruition of Roo’s long-held dream, to meet teen star, Rhianna Cooper, and thereafter own her superstar show jumper, Wonder Boy. This is ‘pinch yourself’ stuff! However, the purchase of Wonder Boy does not go quite to plan. In fact, Rhianna’s father’s eagerness to take payment, coincides with Roo spotting unusual activities in and around the stables. When Wonder disappears a short time afterwards, not only are Roo and Joni in the frame, initially, but their interest is piqued. What’s more, when Rhianna’s mother hires them to investigate the theft, the pair are bonded, as private detectives.

It seems that Wonder’s theft is the first in a string of high profile, daring, dangerous and elaborately planned horse thefts. What’s more, at each event, Roo and Joni, and then, Skylar, are witnesses, alongside having some undercover role. This is perplexing and deadly. Roo needs to have her guard up!

Can they crack the case? Work out who would want to steal top grade horses, and for what purpose?

Bookwagon loves this fast- paced, equine scented, gripping mystery adventure. What’s more, Finding Wonder‘s heart, the writer’s devotion to animals and animal welfare, is stamped through this wonderful book, for ever reader to see.

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Finding Wonder

Lauren St John

(Faber & Faber)

‘You never know love. It might just be our lucky day’. Roo’s Dad puts his luck on scratch cards, but seems to have opted out of life since her Mum died. He swears that if he wins the lottery then he’ll buy Roo her ‘dream horse‘. However, what if events catapult so that this dream is suddenly a reality, though not really in the way that Dad planned?
It would mean that Roo might have the opportunity to buy Wonder Boy, owned by teen star, Rhianna Cooper. Then again it might mean that Roo and her aunt, Joni, are on site when Wonder’s stolen seemingly in clear sight. Could this lead to the two becoming investigators, hired to track down the prized show jumper? Then again, what if Wonder’s theft is the start of a number of prize equine thefts, each more elaborate and daring than the last? Suddenly, Finding Wonder would become a dangerous, race to the finish, quest!
Bookwagon is overjoyed to welcome this new title from award winning writer, Lauren St John is an outstanding mystery adventure writer, with works that demonstrate her deep knowledge, love and respect for animals. Just think of her multi award winning, The White Giraffe! Bookwagon loves and recommends Finding Wonder.  Somehow this title has us gripping the saddle, utterly captivated by the romance and beauty of the equine and natural world.


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