Fire Boy


Fire Boy is Aidan Sweeney, a student at Caversham School, who shares his home in Alexandria Apartments, London N1, with his mother and She-Bear granny. His best friends are Sadie and Hussain who join him on the day he receives a mysterious parcel from South America. Aidan knows nobody in South America, yet he rips off the packaging and begins to read the labels attached to the glass jar. However there is a lot of information to read through and the jar holds sweets that declare, ‘These sweets are safe to eat‘. Furthermore, they’re coated in ‘a sugary, frosted icing‘ with suggestions ‘of liquorice and peppermint pine’. However, when Aidan bites into the round, hard nut at the centre of the sweet, everything changes. While he becomes Fire Boy, Hussain and Sadie, following Aidan’s sweet taking lead, are also changed irrevocably, yet differently.

Who has sent the sweets and why? Thereafter, why would these sweets be sent to Aidan? Then again, are they really sweets? Sadie takes time to go through all the notes to realise that the ingredients in the sweet have some relationship with a rare and special Peruvian tree about which there are secret investigations. What has Aidan got the three of them into?

Then there’s the burning power Aidan feels alongside an inclination to rocket through the sky! Aidan needs to harness his energy, alongside finding some fire retardant clothing!

When he discovers Dmitri and the Zarathustra’s Travelling Circus, life takes another odd direction. According to the fortune teller, Aidan’s appearance was foretold. Somehow, he will change the circus’s dwindling fortunes. But how?

Fire Boy is a delight. It’s a really readable, pacy, fun and twisty-turning story that is truly enjoyable. It is a pleasure to welcome and recommend this book to our readers.


Fire Boy



If Aidan had stopped and read the warnings around the parcel of sweets, he may not be Fire Boy. Should you receive an unexpected package from South America containing ‘a round glass jar’and ‘a small green booklet would you stop and wait? Furthmerore, if that glass jar held ‘ten jellied sweets dusted with frosting’? Who has sent the sweets to Aidan and for what reason? After all, his life is fairly ordered. Aidan feeds the cat, supports his Mum, avoidis his She-Bear Granny, and hangs out with his best friends Sadie and Hussain. So, what is going on?
Thereafter, what might happen to Aidan, and his friends, should they eat one of these sweets? Surely, there could not be unexpected results including fire shooting out of limbs, an urge to fly and more? It seems like Aidan should not only be aware of the smell of ‘lighter fluid’, but that he should smell a rat, an interloping, double-crossing rat, who has involved Aidan and his family in a malicious scheme that threatens to ruin a South American scientific secret. Therefore, can Aidan and Sadie and Hussain hide the remaining sweets, while containing and using their new powers? Then there’s Granny, alongside Zarathrusta’s Travelling Circus and The Fool card….
Readers who love clever, pacy titles like Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink will (fire)lap up Fire Boy. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome this book aboard!


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