Fire Girl Forest Boy


Maya and Raul are ‘Fire Girl Forest Boy‘. Their worlds and experiences are so different, yet they are drawn together through deceit, loss and the need for truth.

Maya awakens to discover her scientist father missing. His note urges her to trust the people arrived to escort her to the airport from where she will fly home to Glasgow, leaving the Peruvian Amazon. Yet Maya’s photographic memory includes images that make her mistrust these people, and her father’s situation. How can a city girl, entirely unfamiliar with the jungle, hope to escape and survive in such a hostile setting?

Raul is running back to the jungle. This was his home before an accident for which he blames himself. Matias urges him home. He’s been sent a sign.

What happens when ‘Fire Girl Forest Boy‘ collide? Are their motives compatible? Do they share the same dangers? How can a city girl and jungle boy hope to understand each other? What does Maya have that can possibly strengthen their survival in such an other-worldly environment? How can Raul, one boy, hope to survive against the might of science and industry?

Chloe Daykin has created a spectacular story in ‘Fire Girl Forest Boy’. There is magic, adventure, drama and a heart-breaking message of loss- personal, moral and environmental- in this wonderful story. Bookwagon is proud to recommend this book to our readers.

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Fire Girl Forest Boy

Chloe Daykin

(Faber & Faber)

Maya and her father have left Socks the cat, and their Glasgow home to travel to the Peruvian Amazon. Maya’s scientist father is a researcher in light, believing that deep in people’s souls is the potential to generate light. Could it be?
Meanwhile, Raul is in the city, having moved from the jungle following a tragedy for which he feels responsible. When a reminder of that tragedy appears, alongside an urgent message, Raul takes it as a sign to return to his jungle home.
What happens when the two, ‘Fire Girl Forest Boy’, collide? Their worlds are so different aren’t they? What happens when Maya’s father goes missing? When a note urges Maya to return to Glasgow? Maya isn’t convinced….her photographic mind- ‘CLICK CLICK’- registers danger and deception. Can she trust her father? Can she trust the Forest Boy? What happens to Maya when the dangers and deceptions and darkness threaten?
Chloe Daykin is a writer of spirit and wonder. Bookwagon welcomes the spectacular ‘Fire Girl Forest Boy‘ to our titles. It joins her earlier titles Fish Boy and The Boy Who Hit Play


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