Fire Spell


We can smell the mutton pies, the street filth, the hair oil of Mr Pinchbeck; Laura Amy Schlitz has created a truly authentic Victorian setting for ‘Fire Spell‘.

Clara Wintermute’s disappearance after a birthday puppet show offers her an escape from a funereal prison of Victorian expectation. However plans by the kidnapper, evil puppet master Grisini, are foiled by the return of mighty witch Cassandra, intent on revenge.

Clara, and Grisini’s orphan wards, Parsefall and Lizzie Rose, are the key to the battle between Grisini and Cassandra. All are somehow entangled in a ‘fire spell’.

Fire Spell’ is not a book for the faint-hearted. It is reminiscent of Victorian novels, both in language and setting. Laura Amy Schlitz has researched thoroughly and we are entirely convinced by her characters and her story. We recommend ‘Fire Spell‘ for experienced readers, keen to be lost in a world of magic, history and good versus evil.


Fire Spell

Laura Amy Schlitz


Clara longs for escape from her prison of privilege and mourning. Parsefall and Lizzie Rose dream of full bellies and safe sleep. Little do they realise how their fate lies in the schemes of embittered witch Cassandra and evil puppet master Grisini -and a bewitching ‘Fire Spell‘.

Newbery Honor Award


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