First Class Murder


It’s all aboard the Orient Express, courtesy of Hazel’s father! Hazel’s delighted to have the opportunity to host Daisy on this occasion. However, it seems that the Wells & Wong Detective Society  must investigate another murder, this time in a locked room.

First Class Murder is the third title in the series, and proves as gripping as its predecessors, with clever plotting, subtle characterisations and the knowing backdrop of 1930’s Europe. Bookwagon recommends this title, and the entire Murder Most Unladylike series, highly, to all our readers.

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First Class Murder

All Aboard for Murder…..

A Murder Most Unladylike Mystery

Robin Stevens

(Penguin Random House)

After the dreadful events at Fallingford over Easter, Hazel’s father is keen for his daughter to be kept away from murder and intrigue. However, his plans do not go as he prepared. He considered an historical spin across Europe for her and Daisy would be truly agreeable. However, this pair form the Wells & Wong Detective Society. Then again, Daisy is the President, Daisy Wells and both are always prepared for foul play. What’s more, aboard the Orient Express, it seems there is little to deter the budding investigators, especially when there’s a First Class Murder aboard their carriage.
Without police support and only the ineffective investigations of Dr Sandwich and a young accomplice, it seems it’s up to Wells & Wong to crack the case. This time, yet again, they’re up against it- a locked carriage, a magician, a will, a double- agent, and planted evidence. Who murdered Mrs Georgiana Daunt?
Robin Stevens’ admiration for Agatha Christie is clear. So, too, is her literacy, her clever plotting, her knowledge of her characters, their history and setting. Readers, by now, at the third book, know they are in superb hands. First Class Murder like its predecessors, is a gripping, tight, believable book- one that we’re proud to recommend to all our readers.


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