First Day of My Life


On GCSE results’ day, Jojo is nowhere to be seen. She’s been fairly quiet with Frankie for the past three weeks, suffering a virus, but Frankie is still perturbed by her absence. Yet what makes Frankie begin to think that Jojo has something to do with the abduction of a baby from a nearby service station? Furthermore, how do her suspicions lead to a chase to Swindon with Frankie’s ex- boyfriend, that involves truth telling and resolution.

There is more to come when Frankie and Ram meet up with Jojo. Neither can believe what they discover, but then Jojo is still reeling with the shock of her experience three weeks before, and thereafter, with the decisions made around it.

How do best friends Frankie and Jojo face the truth about how they feel and move forward? How does Ram move forward with the girl he dated and the one he loves? Then again, what of the stolen baby?

First Day of My Life is an outstanding YA novel full of warmth, truth, character and love. Bookwagon recommends this novel highly to all our teen readers.

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First Day of My Life

Lisa Williamson

(David Fickling Books)

It might seem that collecting GCSE results could initiate the First Day of My Life, but what of a life unknown? What if the pain you’re carrying is a baby? Maybe a baby stolen from a neighbourhood service station?
First Day of My Life is a three parter in that three close friends share their stories and impressions of a day that will change their lives forever. Yet while they describe what is happening, they return to events from months before. While Frankie seems to be over her break-up from Ram, and then the successful audition for drama school of her best friend, the truth is different. Thereafter, while Ram is over Frankie, it seems there is something lingering from New Year, Jojo and his father’s record player. Meanwhile, is Jojo truly all right about the decisions being made about her future? What happened to her three weeks ago has shaken her world. How can she open up to Frankie, her best friend since the start of school days?
How might the friends come together? Furthermore, for what reasons have each of them been separate? It seems as though Jojo has had a virus, while Frankie has been rather cool since Jojo’s success. Then again, Jojo and Ram have avoided each other since New Year…
First Day of My Life is an outstanding YA novel. It deals with the themes of friendship, truth, reconciliation and decisions with such honesty and empathy. Bookwagon is awed by this novel.


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